Friday, December 28, 2007

Going on a howliday....

.... but only Ms.owner's going. *sobs*

She's going to Hong Kong for a howliday tomorrow and coming back on January 3rd. *barks* I'm gonna be celebrating 2008 with Papa and Mama and Chelsea instead.

Celine : Hiya guys, I'm going off to a holiday tomorrow, so I'm wishing all you guys a fantastic new year's celebration ya! I know I'm gonna have TONS of fun. See you guys next year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tang Yuan Festival

Happy Christmas too all my fellow blog friends who are celebrating Christmas!

Seems a bit weird of ms.owner to post an entry on the tang yuan festival during Christmas day but... oh well. Here goes :

We went to Mama's hometown last Saturday (22nd December) to celebrate Tang Yuan festival. We had a great time but some of ms.owner's relatives are not really comfortable with us, so Papa decided to make a move to Ko-Ko's house as soon as we're finished eating the tang yuan.

For those of you who don't know, Tang Yuan festival ( or Dong Zhi aka Winter Solstice festival, as it's known in some parts of the world ) signifies the arrival of winter. It's the perfect occasion for families to get together to celebrate the festival by having yummy-licious food and of course, tang yuan! Since there's no winters in Malaysia (and also in South-East Asia), this festival is more commonly known as Tang Yuan festival than Dong Zhi. festival :p

Tang yuan is made of sweet glutinous rice balls. The chinese people are good at using objects, occasions or food to signify good things - The word Yuan (meaning 'round') signifies completeness/wholeness, hence this why families get together to celebrate this festival.

Traditionally, Tang Yuans are without filling but in modern times, people tend to use fillings like red bean paste, grounded peanut or sesame paste served with hot ginger syrup. However, in our family we tend to use coconut mixed with brown sugar aka gula melaka as the filling. It's uuuuuuuuber yummy. When we bite into the tang yuan, the gula melaka will melt off a bit from the coconut and we can taste the yummy flavour of the gula melaka along with the hot ginger soup.

Below are the piccies of us waiting for mama and ms.owner to prepare the Tang Yuan.


Kneading the dough.
Mix hwot water to the rice flour and knead it bit by bit.

Mama : Careful, don't add too much water
Ms.owner : It's too dry! *adds water*

Ms.owner ended up having to drive to the store to buy another packet of rice flour.
Reason : because the dough became too sticky coz it's there's too much water. Hehehe


This is how the dough looks like after adding colour.


The filling!! Yummy-licious shaved coconuts cooked with brown sugar aka gula melaka.
Mama boiled some water and then added the sugar in. When it gets thick, then Mama adds in the coconut.


Preparing to fill the dough with the filling.


The filling on the dough before being wrapped.


Wrapping the dough and then uh... make it round. Heh!


Smiley faced Tang Yuan!

Abby : Pssst, ms.owner 'punctured' a tang yuen when mama's not in the kitchen.
I saw her hide the mangled tang yuan in the rubbish basket. Heheheh....


Smiley faced Tang Yuen!

While we were waiting for mama to prepare the tang yuan, ms.owner sneaked out of the kitchen and forced us to wear the horrendous reindeer horn. Chelsea's not too happy because she was happily sleeping away when ms.owner woke her up to make her wear the horn. *snorts*.


Chelsea : I'm reaaaally not in the mood for this... Go away!


Abby : Hehehe. Ya? I'm Abby the black nosed black dog!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My first blog award~! (and shortest post)

Hehehe, I got my first blog award! Thankies to Shushu, Kero and Momo for their gift. I shall make ms.owner post more stuff in the future. Hehehe...

We'll be making another trip to Ko-Ko's place tomorrow and ms.owner say she's gonna make Chelsea wear the reindeer horns. Will update when there's more piccies or videos. :p

The boooutiful BTB award. Whoot~!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dogzillas at play

Hello everybody!

As promised here is a video on how me and Chelsea play. It might look painful but we both have fun playing like that. Chelsea tends to fall down and kick at me with her paws and I like to grab her paws with my mouth. Heheheh

We don't play like that with the shih tzus, instead, what we do is open our mouth wide open and do the 'Jaws' expression at time. I usually lose to the shih tzus because three of them gang up on me and Chelsea. Besides, ms.owner don't want us to be overly rough with the small ones. :p

Here's the video of us playing. Woot!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Have yourself a merry little christmas...

Hi everyone!

Finally ms.owner had her PC fixed. She was going through PC withdrawal the whole of last week, even making me kinda sick with her whining.

This month's been a boring month coz there's no activity. It's been raining every single day.... Chelsea's not cooperatin with ms.owner because she's busy drooling over papa's treat. I'm a little better than Chelsea but the piccies that ms.owner took of me were too blur so we decided not to post it up. *bats eyelashes*

In the mean time, here's some piccies. Ms.owner will upload a video of me and Chelsea playing *wiggles eyebrows*. Will update once it's uploaded in YouTube. Hohoho! :

Jane-Jane and Jack-Jack staring out the window waiting for mama.


Busy gawking at Mr.Cat as he try to stalk a squirrel.


Piccy of me sleeping with legs open wide.
Ms.Owner so mean to take pics of in that pose. It's embarassing!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Christmas banner~!

Woot! Ms.Owner came up with a new Christmas banner but she was ranting whole day about changing the blog's background colour. I think there's some loose nuts somewhere in her head.


Ms.Owner : *slaps forehead* is driving me NUTS! I change one thing, the other get removed, I put it back and the previous changes made are gone instead even after I clicked Save. Ggrrrrrr

Well, let me tell you guys bout the banner - The two doggies inside the sleigh is... yeap you got it, supposed to be me and Chelsea. We used to sleep like that when we were puppies. Heh :p

Ms.owner added Santa Claws in the banner because her initial idea is to create a pic of us inside a house with a beautiful fireplace. She ended up making a mess out of it, so she changed to an outdoor look. (she's lazy I tell you...)

Anyway... Nothing much to update this weekend. Here's some piccies from my first JT with Prince and the rest :

Me and ms.owner. Dunno why she always like to lean on my back.
But then again... I like it also. Hehe


Prince's pappy secret attack!
Took our piccies while I was looking at some yummy treats.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I've been ~ T.A.G.G.E.D ~

*barks and runs all over the house*

Ms.Owner spent almost 1hr+ updating my blog but the stupid IE restarted. Everything lost already. *growls* Ms.Owner say she'll write another detailed entry next time (T_T)

Ms.Owner : *coughs* I've been sick on and off ok...? I will update more frequently ok? Come come, let me sayang you all.

Chelsea : I should've show more temper when ms.owner skipped celebrating my barkday last month but I'm a gentle GR, so I won't mind that much... as long as you gimme more treats/food.

==== Tag Game ====
Prince and Shushu has tagged me! Woof!

Here's the rules of the tag:
1)List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself
2)Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them )<-- I wonder who I'm going to tag since almost everyone that I know has been tagged. But nevermind, I play along lor. :p

Since I share this blog with Chelsea, I'll share 4 random facts each of myself and Chelsea!

Abby the Dogzilla's Random Facts:
1. Although I appear to be bullying Chelsea all the time, I in fact sayang her very much. She don't really mind if I rough-house with her.

Abby : Hey Chelsea, come play come play!
Chelsea : Yeee... ms.owner taking my pic! Have to act like a lady!

2. I like to change sleeping places at night. Sometimes sleep on ms.owner's bed, sometimes on papa and mama's bed!

3. I learn tricks very fast but I don't like to perform it in front of other people. Only my family knows about my tricks.

4. I look like very fierce but in fact, I'm very chicken one. I am afraid of lightning/thunder, fireworks and... Chelsea.

Chelsea the Fatty's Random Facts:

5. I might not look it but I'm the Alpha in the house. Hehehehe.

6. Love to steal underwears. My personal fav are bras as I like the dangling straps

7. I rarely get scolded because I'm uber good in making the 'pitiful dawg' look.

8. Sleeping Champ!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Snake in the House!!


Koko called just now and told us that JackJack boy was bitten by a python!

It happened yesterday midnight. Koko was watching tv in the hall while JackJack, JaneJane and Rocky boy sleep on the couch.

Somehow a python manage to slither into the house without anyone of them noticing. Halfway through the movie, koko started to fall asleep but was awaken by JackJack's growling. Then he saw the snake moving towards him.

JackJack boy, the scare-dy shih tzu who trembled whenever there's a thunderstorm, jumped from the couch and attacked the snake. The snake reacted by biting JackJack and koko say JackJack cry very loud. Then Jane2 and Rocky try to attack the snake also but koko quickly push them away.

The snake then suddenly curl around Jack2 and try to squeeze him but before koko can hit it with an ash tray, it suddenly let go of Jack2. Koko quickly carry him and call the rest and run into the kitchen.

Four of them hide there for almost 10 minutes before koko peek out to see where the python is. Then he saw it hiding underneath the sofa - so he pick up the styrofoam ice box and capture it.

It was only then that he pick Jack2 up and look for the wound. That time koko not sure what snake is that so he called the vet but no one pick up the phone. So whole night he didn't sleep and keep a close eye on Jack2.

Jack2 sleep like pig and next morning only bring him to the vet. Other thn fang marks, there's no serious injuries. The snake turns out to be a baby python, bout 4 ft long.

Koko then bring the snake to the nearby estate and release it out again.

Waaa, I didn't know Jack2 boy so brave. He always tremble even when hear fireworks - didn't expect him to be so brave. Mama say will go to koko's house this weekend and buy uber yummy food for Jack2.

He make me feel so proud to have such a brave furkid didi. I love you Jack2!!

A pic of the brave warrior - old pic before his haircut. :p

Sunday, November 4, 2007

On a Lazy Sunday afternoon...

Another lazy Sunday. What am I feeling? Bored.

Papa and Mama decided on an impromptu trip to my ko-ko's house in Bukit Beruntung this morning. After an hour's drive, due to traffic jam, we finally reach ko-ko's house.

I immediately set out to kepoh around the garden with my three sister and brothers, JaneJane, JackJack and Rocky the shih tzu. Chelsea spent most of the time indoors trying to beg some food out of Papa (Papa, don't think I don't know you were sneaking the biscuits to Chelsea under the table...)

I was pretty bored after a while. No more stuff to play, begging attempts failed and only got several chunks of ice. We left ko-ko's place after makan and drove all the way back home.

Humans, I can never understand them. What's the fun in driving all over the place to have something to eat and then back again?

I'd rather go to KKB outings anytime. *climbs up ms.owner's bed and promptly falls asleep with legs spread wide open*

Food (Clockwise) :
Salted Fish with Pork, Sweat Sour Pork, HongKong baby kailan and cabbage soup.

HongKong baby kailan in oyster sauce.
At least ko-ko gave us some of the bak-bak after makan. But still not enough leh...

Sweet Sour Pork
I manage to steal a piece of fried pork while it was cooling on the kitchen table.
No one saw me.... Chelsea only manage to steal a piece of onion. Whahaha!

Please la, I'm in no mood to entertain you now. No food, no pictures.
Tire myself from begging whole afternoon

Chelsea in deep concentration aka in Begging mode.
Papa is off camera eating muruku.

Mama left the kitchen... and the fried pork unattended!
(minutes later I stole some fried pork from the table)

This is Rocky, my little brother. Very obliging fella.
That's why he's one of my fav plaything-- I mean, playmate.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Chelsea da fatty bom bom GR

Hewwow everybody. As promised, here is some pictures of my cute cute baby sister Chelsea when she's a pup. Waaa anyone who know her will definitely laugh coz she looks so different now right?

Don't blame my human le, 2 yrs ago, Chelsea baby was hit by a truck. My ms.owner screamed so loud that she nearly make me deaf and choke me to death coz she won't let me run out to my mei-mei.

Luckily Chelsea baby wasn't hurt as bad as everyone thought. My human papa and mama, including ms.owner freaked out really badly and drove like mad down to KL. My vet was on Merdeka holiday that day and only be back the next day, so they rush to Cheras to my human ko-ko's vet to treat Chelsea.

Seems like they all so blur and panic edi that they didn't even thought of finding a nearby vet. Anyway, the young vet so stupid - say want chop off Chelsea's tail and say if not, later she'll die if severe her spinal cord, etc etc.

He say Chelsea have no other injuries but her tailbone there broken edi and she maybe permanently paralysed. Papa keep quiet until the vet confirm there's no blood clot or hemorrhage <-- got spell wrong ar? Then Papa told the vet to give Chelsea pain killer injection and told the vet to go fly kite.

After bring Chelsea home, we make sure she take her pills. I sleep next to her whole night, didn't even go out to pee. Ms.owner also whole night didn't sleep. Nxt day early morning, we bring Chelsea to our good vet in Setapak. First thing he do is pinch the tip of Chelsea's tail. Chelsea yelped and turn around to look at him.

Waaah, make me so angry, I nearly want to bite edi that time. After that, smile and say no need chop off Chelsea's tail coz she still have sensation. He put weird weird thing around Chelsea's bum bum there and use two piece of wood to wrap around her tail. Almost 3 days later, I wake up and saw Chelsea's side stomach become very BIG. I pull ms.owner's shirt and bring her to Chelsea.

Later papa they all also saw edi and immediately bring her to He bring Chelsea into the back room and take a sharp sharp knife and cut into the big big bump. Later his assistant walk out with several tubs of watery blood. Aiya, my Chelsea so cham... She still blur blur from the medication, so we have to carry her to the car. put a bandage that looks like a fishnet stocking over Chelsea' tummy and sew up the wound.

Notti Chelsea later in the day chew and pull out the swab, so we have to bring her back to He's so good, didn't charge anything for the 2nd sewing and even give us new fishnet bandage. So now everyone know why Chelsea so fat fat now? Coz when she's healing, Papa scare she didn't have appetite to eat, so feed her lotsa canned food. Chelsea eat sleep eat sleep. By the time she get better, already fat fat liao.

Ever since the accident, Chelsea always want to sit down and rest after walk short distance. I guess her hips damaged abit edi after the accident. I luv my mei-mei very much. You all don't bully her, later I fight with you all.

Only I can bully her, ok? Will make ms.owner to post more pictures if she find both of our puppy pics. So absent minded, cannot even remember where she put her own things. Haih....

Chelsea baby looking at something.

Busy chewing on my ko-ko's fingers.

"Huh? Got anything interesting?"

Hey... Gimme the treat la. Come on come on!